Seth Godin

Here is the most prolific author I know, Seth Godin. He does not breathe air but ideas, letting businesses breathe and stay alive. I love his expressive, friendly, and concise writing style. I read his blog regularly. Unlike those of most business notables his ideas always go beyond abstract theoretical or inspirational thoughts and guide strategic business practice. Therefore, after reading or listening to him you do not just agree with him or experience an intellectual satisfaction, but also act and implement subsequently.

Seth Godin writes the most popular marketing blog in the world, is the author of many business bestsellers, an outstanding speaker on marketing, new media, and trends, and the founder of Squidoo among other projects. In the early days of his career, he was founder and CEO of Yoyodyne, the industry’s leading interactive direct marketing company, which Yahoo acquired in late 1998. Then, Seth worked as VP Direct Marketing at Yahoo. He popularized such concepts as permission marketing, purple cow, and ideavirus in the marketing world. He holds an MBA from Stanford, is married with two children, and lives in New York.

His major books

The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly? (2012)
Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck (2012)
We Are All Weird (2011)
Poke The Box (2011)
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? (2010)
Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us (2008)
The Dip (2007)
All Marketers Are Liars (2005)
Purple Cow (2003)
Unleashing the Ideavirus (2001)
Permission Marketing (1999)

A few quotes

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from.

Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.

Two different things: A crowd is a tribe without a leader. A crowd is a tribe without communication. Most organizations spend their time marketing to the crowd. Smart organizations assemble the tribe. Marketing management is now tribal leadership.

Low price is a great way to sell a commodity. That’s not marketing, though, that’s efficiency. Advertising is just a symptom, a tactic. Marketing is about far more than that. It begins before the product is created. Marketing is not an emergency. It’s a planned, thoughtful exercise. Marketing is the way your people answer the phone, the typesetting on your bills and your returns policy. You market when you hire and when you fire. You market when you call tech support and you market every time you send a memo.

A book is a physical souvenir, a concrete instantiation of your ideas in a physical object, something that gives your ideas substance and allows them to travel.

Selected articles and interviews

The Guru Takes Flight: Marketing Wizard Seth Godin on Success and Inspiration Entrepreneur, February, 2013
Seth Godin: Why Small Businesses Fail Inc., January 30, 2013
Here’s How Seth Godin Writes January 30, 2013
Seth Godin on the Art of Noticing, and Then Creating On Being,  January 24, 2013
What High Dives And Roller Coasters Teach Us About Getting Comfortable With Career Risk Fast Company, January 23, 2013
Seth Godin: 5 Ways to Grow Your Market Inc., November 9, 2012
Interview: Seth Godin The Great Discontent, August 14, 2012
Giving Book Readers a Say Wall Street Journal, June 24, 2012
10 Lessons Seth Godin Can Teach You About Blogging Quick Sprout, April 5, 2012
Leadership Hall of Fame: Seth Godin, Author of “Purple Cow” Fast Company, December 26, 2011
Are You Afraid of Good Ideas? Fast Company, March 8, 2011
Better Business Through Changing Behavior Fast Company, February 24, 2011
What Seth Godin Did on His Summer Vacation Inc., October 5, 2010
Trends: An Interview with Seth Godin AmEx Open Forum, October 26, 2009
Inside Seth Godin’s Blogging Philosophy Ad Age, July 13, 2009
Permission Marketing Fast Company, March 31, 1998

Full-length speech and interview videos

 Seth discusses his ideas on his book The Icarus Deception on Behind the Brand show, 2013.

The Next Web interviews Seth about his latest book The Icarus Deception, 2013.

Seth’s latest book The Icarus Deception promotional video, 2013.

 Good Life Project founder, Jonathan Fields, friendly interviews Seth on books, business, and life, 2012.

 Seth talks about Art and Science and Making Things at World Maker Faire 2012.

Seth speaks about how to create your tribe, inspire those around you, and share your art, 2012 Beachbody Coach Summit.

Seth talks about his free e-book Stop Stealing Dreams and the future of education at TEDxYouth@BFS 2012 event.

Seth tells stories explaining his marketing ideas and how to become remarkable in his special course, The Medicine Ball Session, 2011.

Behind the Brand show hosts Seth to talk about his book Poke the Box, 2011.

Seth argues the Internet revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. The tribes we lead, a TED talk, 2009.

More videos

This time Seth interviews a like-minded author Mitch Joel on his book Ctrl Alt Delete at Google Talks, 2013 (37min.)
Seth talks about Thinking Backwards at Creative Mornings New York, 2013 (19min.)
Seth chats about the Kickstarter project for his latest book The Icarus Deception and the value of an author platform, 2013 (18min.)
Seth gives his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of (local) newspapers and broadcasters, 2013 (5min.)
Short interviews with Seth regarding his latest book Making Art Icarus Deception  Small Business by Insight One20, 2013.
Seth summarizes his ideas on marketing and management topics as well as personal matters, 2012 (4min.)
Seth talks about the new year, the ‘forever recession’, and how you can join the race to the top, 2012. (8min.)
Seth explains the pillars of effective communication, especially in relation to social media and blogging on a TV show Context, 2011 (9min.)
In an interview by Chris Taylor, Seth explores the nature of professional 21st century success “Fail or You’re Fired”, 2011. (13min.) CEO Tony Hsieh walks around with Seth at Times Square chatting about his latest books, 2010 (8min.)
Seth is interviewed on entrepreneurialism and living the planned life, emphasizes “doing something with the duck”, 2010 (8min.)
Seth explains all aspects of being tribal and becoming indispensable, 2010 (8min.)
Acumen Fund has Seth introduce social entrepreneurship in a Student Leaders Workshop, 2009 (7min.)
A conversation with Seth about why we need a tribe and how we should be the best in the world at what we do, 2009 (12min.)
Seth talks about how to get your ideas spread at a TED talk in 2003 (19min.)

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